Cecilia Costello “The Cruel Mother”

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Here are a few rhymes that Cecilia used to say, I can still remember her teaching me the first one.

 "I climbed up an apple tree

All the apples fell on me

So make a pudding and make a pie

Did you ever tell a lie?


Yes you did, you know you did

You broke your granny's tea-pot lid."

 The Wondering Boy

The table was laid for three

Where is the absent one?

Where can that wonderer be?

Where is the only son?

What would the parents give

that wondering boy to see?

Father and mother they dine alone

But the table was laid for three.

 Pussy cat, pussy cat

Where have you been,

I've been to London to visit the Queen.

What did she give you?

Milk in the can.

What did you say?

Thank you grand mam.

 The Best Friend in the World

This little lad says to a conductor, as he's going to get on the train.

"Please mister conductor don't turn me off the train

the best friend I have in the world is waiting for me in pain,

she's expecting to die any moment, she will not live through the day,

and I want to wish mother goodbye Sir, before God takes her away".