A Review of Festival 2017

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Melrose Quartet - Tight a capella harmony and energy-packed instrumentals. MQ comprise leading English musicians Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Jess & Richard Arrowsmith with twin fiddles, guitar & bouzouki, melodeon & four strong voices. The band present a bold take on old & new English songs & tunes, with a powerful treatment of traditional material alongside some of the best modern song-writing of the genre. They delight and tantalise their audiences with the infectious warmth and sparkle that four seasoned musicians feel when they unite – Saturday Night

3 Daft Monkeys - With their quirky and original approach to music, and their passion, intensity and sheer joy of life, 3 Daft Monkeys have gained themselves a large and loyal cult following, which is still growing rapidly due to their intense touring schedule. Their music is hard to pigeon-hole, mixing and crossing many musical genres from Celtic, Klezmer, Gypsy, Balkan, Latin, Ska, Dub Reggae, Indie, Rock and even a hint of Shostakovich - Saturday Night

Quicksilver - This duo is based on a simple notion. If you pair a couple of great talents and get them working to their strengths, then something extraordinary may happen. Hilary's voice is a thing of beauty whiloe Grant matches the baroque style of his songwriting with a guitar technique of gorgeous intricacy. Comic song touched with gold – Weekend

Gren Bartley Band -  Gren Bartley is a prolific and exceptional songwriter. With stunning harmonies, driving percussion and intricate string arrangements for cello and violin, the band has been captivating audiences across the UK, showcasing Gren's phenomenal guitar playing and poetry driven lyrics – Saturday Night

Keith Donnelly – As Jasper Carrot once said “Keith could make sheep laugh!” …..and he probably has done! But that's not all, Keith has a serious side and has written some memorable songs. Which Keith will turn up at Bromsgrove? Can't wait to find out! -  Weekend

Dan McKinnon - Blessed with a gorgeous baritone voice and an exceptional command of phrasing light and shade, not to mention a hearty infectious laugh,  Dan continues to convey his finely crafted songs to audiences through his annual tours. As well as his own and collected songs, Dan will also be performing a concert featuring the music of the legendary Stan Rogers - Weekend

Anthony John Clarke AJ is a permanent fixture of Bromsgrove Folk Festival, and rightly so. Even before he starts performing, his ready wit and ability to make everybody feel that he is a friend, captures the very ethos of what The Bromsgrove Experience is about - Weekend

Ursula Holden Gill – A one woman tour de force! Storyteller, comedienne, singer songwriter, curator and teacher, an award winning actress and a unique and pertinent talent on the British storytelling scene. A real treat! - Weekend

The Lost Notes - One of Birmingham’s finest emerging bands, this Moseley-based quintet fuse bluegrass, folk, jazz, blues and pop to produce a sound that is as compelling as it is entertaining. Infectious songs rooted in three-part vocal harmony, driven by dynamic rhythms – Saturday Night

Patchwork Skies - Emma and Charlie met in 2011 as Christmas Elves at Hamleys toyshop and formed a firm friendship and shared love of music. They write and perform their own original music, interjected by the occasional cover, accompanied by gentle guitar and flute - Weekend

Tom Perry and Clive Brooks -  Tom and Clive have been performing together at clubs and festivals for a few years. Their repertoire, which is delivered a cappella, consists of traditional songs and contemporary pieces written in the traditional vein. Lots of choruses to join in with - Weekend

FairfieldThere has been a Fairfield band for nearly 50 years in various guises and sizes. The current trio spans the generations with both its line up and its repertoire but the ever present sense of fun is still there – Weekend

…..not forgetting two ever present friends of Bromsgrove, without whom we would be lost

Tosh Ewins - Tosh has served a life time apprenticeship in the world of Pub and Club entertainment and it shows – Weekend

Stitherum Stitherum is a Lincolnshire dialect word meaning a convoluted tale or rigmarole- some would say it 'does what it says on the tin....' Great fun to have around – Weekend